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Porsche is known for two things: power and luxury. When your Porsche is having a problem, you don't want to trust such an expensive, powerful car to just anyone. You need to know that the repair technicians are going to take just as much care of your car as you do.

At German Auto Tech, we take pride in the quality of our work, just like you take pride in your car, and when it comes to Porsche repair, you can't find a better deal than what you'll get at German Auto Tech.

Besides the fact that we've specialized in German car repairs for over 50 years, we also offer a 24 month - 24,000 mile warranty on all of our repairs - that's better than the dealer and better than any other shop in the Memphis area.

If It's A Porsche, German Auto Tech Can Repair or Service It

German Auto Tech Specializes in All Types of Porsche Repair & Services:

    • Porsche Scheduled Maintenance
    • Complete Diagnostic Evaluations
    • Oil Change, Tune Ups, and Filters
    • Brake and Rotor Check
    • Porsche Transmission Inspections and Repairs
    • Porsche Fuel System Service and Repair
    • Air Conditioning and Interior Packages
    • Steering, Suspension, Shocks & Strut Systems
    • Electrical and Ignition Repairs
    • Complete Engine Rebuild and Overhauls
    • Wheels, Tires, and 4WD Service

Authentic Porsche Parts are used, when available.


Porsche Repairs & Service


Porsche Repair Memphis

Timelessly cool, Porsche has set a standard over decades that other luxury cars simply have not been able to reach. Taking their classic design sensibilities and upgrading them into everything from their famous sports cars to SUVs and sedans, Porsche has made it clear that no matter what type of car you prefer, there is no reason to sacrifice comfort, style or performance.

There is a high standard that has gone into making each Porsche vehicle since their inception and by extension, that same high standard should be placed on the service center and mechanics that you choose to let perform even routine maintenance on your car.

The specialists at German Auto Tech have helped drivers find a reliable alternative to the dealership since we first opened in 1970 and with outstanding repair work and customer service, we have welcomed drivers from over 100 miles away, all looking to find superior maintenance for their Porsche.

Independent Porsche Service in Memphis

For drivers in Memphis, TN, Germantown, TN and in Southhaven, MS, German Auto Tech in West Memphis Arkansas has stood the test of time by providing high quality work with an emphasis on friendly customer service so that you can count on fair, competitive pricing and no hidden services or fees tacked on.

For years Porsche has worked to constantly improve upon their vehicles with safety upgrades and technology improvements to go along with the tight handling and control that they have become synonymous with for decades and the specialists at German Auto Tech understand all of that when it comes to performing maintenance. This careful approach and our added attention to detail will ensure that not only does your Porsche get the maintenance or repairs that it needs, but our specialists will conduct thorough full-points inspections to make sure that there are no developing issues that may require more extensive repairs down the line.

Call German Auto Tech today at 901-492-1095 to speak with one of our specialists or schedule a service appointment for your Porsche or to see what other maintenance and repair options we have to keep your Porsche in optimal running condition.

Experience the German Auto Tech Difference for Yourself!

Why Choose German Auto Tech?

24 Month - 24,000 Mile Service Warranty
Modern service center with advanced diagnostics
Efficient repair and service by ASE mechanics
Over 50 years of European auto service in Memphis