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Smart Car

Posted on 12th March, by admin in Going Green, Smart Car. No Comments

Although my father moved to America in 1970, he still travels back to Germany every few years. One thing that always stood out to him was Germany’s willingness to embrace much smaller cars, like the Smart Car. It actually isn’t that surprising when you think about it – smaller cars are more fuel efficient, and gas in Europe can cost anywhere from $6.00 to $8.00 per gallon depending on the price of oil.

Now it seems that America is stuck with $3.50+ gas, not as bad as Europe, but still pricey by our standards. The recent uptick in the price of gas means that I’ve been getting a lot more questions about the Smart Car.

So, what is the Smart Car, and should you consider getting one?

First, let’s go over who should NOT buy one: People looking for lots of space. That’s not to say that the it is cramped (I know some pretty tall people who enjoy it), but if you’re looking for something to take the kids to soccer practice in, then this is not it. Smart Cars only have two seats – one for a driver and one for a passenger, so larger sedans and SUV’s are still your best bet for the kids extracurricular car

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go over some of the ¬†specifications.

First and foremost is fuel efficiency. The Smart Car requires a minimum of 91 octane fuel, but you might not consider that a big deal since you’ll be averaging 34MPG in the city and 38MPG on the highway. With an 8.7 gallon fuel tank and a 1.3 gallon reserve, that means you have a range of about 350 miles. It can also reach 60MPH in 12.5 seconds, and has a top speed of 90MPH.

If you haven’t seen one up close, then you’re probably wondering just how big it actually is. The answer is just over 5 feet tall, which is also its width. The length is about 8.8 feet, and the weighs right around 1,800 pounds.

Obviously the Smart Car has been designed to be a commuter car, especially for the fuel conscious drivers out there. For those who do a lot of inner city driving and can’t find a parking space, the Smart Car may quickly become a popular option.

I won’t go into anymore detail unless Smart Car pays me to be a salesman, but I will tell you that when owners come in for regular maintenance, they have all seemed happy with their purchase.

For those of you who do decide to buy one, German Auto Tech will have you covered when it comes time for your Smart Car repairs and maintenance, and those of you who don’t buy one should still sign up for our newsletter.

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