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If it’s a Volkswagen, we can fix it.


At German Auto Tech we know all about Volkswagen repair, from the old Beetle’s to the new Jetta’s, from the old carbureted engines to the new fuel saving TDI’s.

Volkswagen Repair

German Auto Tech Provides Solutions

We’ve helped VW owners with everything from standard maintenance (oil changes, timing belt replacement) to major Volkswagen repair services (transmission, clutches,  power steering pumps).

Volkswagen Repair
We won’t list everything we can do for your VW, that would turn this page into a long, boring list; what we will say is that our experienced technicians have all the tools necessary to keep your VW running smoothly.

We also offer a 15 month, 15,000 mile warranty on all repairs, because we want you to know that when you choose German Auto Tech, you’ve chosen the best.


Volkswagen Repair Done Right The First Time


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Since 1970!

Drivers oftentimes overlook Volkswagen when it comes to luxury car models but as VW drivers will tell you: that is your loss. Offering just as much engine power and interior comforts as other European imports but with a more affordable price tag and economical line of vehicles to choose from, VW’s have become some of the highest selling cars and are popular among drivers looking for everything from a reliable commuter to work to a trustworthy first car for new drivers.

Models such as the Passat, Beetle and Jetta all carry the same high standard for durability and reliability but each comes with their own set of service needs to make sure that they are running properly. If you are in need of service for your VW then look no further than German Auto Tech. Started in 1970 as a Volkswagen repair center, we are sure to employ highly trained VW specialists that understand the differences in each model and what maintenance they need to continue performing properly.

For over 40 years now we at German Auto Tech have helped countless drivers avoid the crowded, overpriced dealerships in favor of a friendlier, more hands-on approach to service and maintenance. Whether you need a routine oil change or tire rotation or if you are in need of a replacement part or other repair, our friendly staff puts you first, working with you to find a solution that fits your vehicle’s need and your budget.

Family owned and operated since we were first founded, German Auto Tech understands the importance of building a relationship with our customers and offering superior customer service so that no matter where you are coming from, you receive a memorable experience for all of the right reasons.

If you are in Memphis, TN, Germantown, TN or South Haven, MS and are in need of superior maintenance and repair work for your VW or would simply like the help of experienced VW specialists, then visit German Auto Tech in West Memphis, AR and see why drivers from over 100 miles away have made us their preferred service center.

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