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We Now Have Two Locations

20th September

Since 1970 our customers have come to appreciate our attention to quality work and they always love the fact that we have the best warranty in town.  In keeping with this fine tradition we figured it was time to open our second shop.  We choose the Jonesboro Arkansas Area and have felt the welcoming embrace of that community.

Our Jonesboro location is open Monday-Friday from 8AM to 5PM.

You can check out our Jonesboro Website at GATJonesboro.Com or if you are in the area come by and visit us at our shop.


Our Jonesboro Location is located at:

2617 S. Caraway Road
Jonesboro, AR 72401



Our Memphis Location is located at:

3005 East Broadway
West Memphis, AR 72301


Audi Trivia

1st June

Time to lighten things up. Here’s a bit of history about Audi, as well as the significance of their four-ringed logo.

Audi is known for luxurious cars, and they have a longstanding reputation to go with their cars. Audi was founded by August Horch, who first started working in engine construction at Carl Benz in Mannheim, and later worked his way up to head of motor vehicle construction. In 1899 Horch decided to branch off and establish his own company, A. Horch & Cie. It wasn’t until 1901 that Horch put his first car on the road. Believe it or not this first car had only 4-5 hp!

The company grew, and eventually Horch had to build a bigger factory. He decided to create a share-issuing company called A. Horch & Cie. Motorwagen-Werke AG. However, in 1909 Horch ended up leaving the … Read More »

Best European Cars (Part 2)

24th May

In Part 1 of this series I went over some of the best European cars for those of you with big budgets. Here in Part 2 I will review some of the best vehicles for those with tighter budgets. These cars are all great whether you are just starting out, or even if you need a career vehicle. Not coincidentally, I also recently read an article about the 100 most reliable cars of the last decade, and all of these particular cars made the list.

The first is Mini. The Mini has been described as a go-cart for adults, and although it has a very British look to it, the Mini is actually made by BMW. Its distinct look does not appeal to everyone, but those that own them tend to love every aspect of them. Across model years the Mini averages … Read More »

Mercedes Service A

17th May

Mercedes classifies most of their standard services into “letter services.” This means that instead of telling you that your car needs X, Y, and Z done to it, they instead group all the necessary services together and call it a Mercedes Service A, or B, or C, etc. This makes things very easy for us mechanics, but it sometimes leaves you, the car owner, wondering, “What actually happens during that service?”

Apparently a lot of you have been wondering because my post on the Mercedes Service B has been getting quite a few hits. Because of that, I thought it would be a good time to fill you in on the Mercedes Service A.

If you bought your Mercedes new from the dealer, then the odds are that the Mercedes Service A is the first routine service that your car … Read More »

Best European Cars (Part 1)

10th May

Since we focus on European vehicles here at German Auto Tech, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of some of the best European cars that your money can buy. This will be a two part article, so here in Part 1 I’ll go over some of the more expensive options available, and then next week in Part 2 I’ll go over some cars for those with smaller budgets. For the sake of simplicity, all the vehicles listed here in Part 1 will be from the 2010/2011 model year.

Porsche Boxster. Of the cars rated by Consumer Reports, the Boxster is is one of the best. This rear-wheel-drive luxury vehicle boasts a 255 horse power engine, or even more (320 HP) if you upgrade. For all of that power you would think it would guzzle … Read More »

Increase Your Gas Mileage

3rd May

Summer will be here soon, and you’re probably already thinking about all the summer trips you have planned. Whether you’re going to see old friends, or to watch the kids graduate from college, one thing that you probably can’t get off of your mind is the gas bill that will come with taking these trips. Gas is already expensive enough, so here I’ll explain how to stretch those gallons a little further so you can increase your gas milage.

If you follow my blog then you have probably already read about the 8 Things to Check on Your Car, in that post I encouraged you to check your tire pressure regularly, and since we’re talking about how to increase your gas mileage, I’m mentioning it again: Check your tire pressure and keep your … Read More »

Free Brake Inspection

30th April

A very wise man once said to me, “I can make my car go fast, but I want a professional to make it stop.” That’s the way we like to look at brakes at German Auto Tech. The power to apply slight pressure and bring a car going 75 mph down to a dead stop in just a few seconds isn’t something to be treated lightly. We wanted to treat a blog post on brakes to teach our readers what they can do to preserve their brakes, and for those of you local to Memphis, we are also offering a free brake inspection.

Brake pads are made out of many different types of material and I won’t go into detail on all of them, but the only type of brake pads that I will install are made of ceramic compounds. … Read More »

Free Coolant System Check

19th April

One of the common problems we deal with here at German Auto Tech is coolant leaks. Some cars fare better than others, but all of them have to be maintained properly if the engine is going to last.

You should think of your coolant system as the first line of defense against premature wear and tear on your car, and since summer is coming up, your coolant system will be more important than ever, which is why from now through the end of May 2012, we are here to help out with a Free Coolant System Check.

Your coolant should be completely replaced every two to three years, or 30,000 miles. If your engine has aluminum heads you may even want to consider doing it sooner. Many people have asked me why their coolant should be changed so frequently, so I wrote out … Read More »

BMW Diagnostics

12th April

If you check out our BMW Service page, one of the things you’ll notice is that we are quite proud of our diagnostic software. The GT1 and ISTA software made for BMW diagnostics is top-of-the-line equipment that allows us to find and correct problems on BMW’s much faster than any other shop. This software is definitely not on the cheap end, and many mechanics won’t carry it because of the hefty price tag. In fact, aside from German Auto Tech, the only other place I know of that you’re certain to find this software is the local BMW dealer (but before you make an appointment with them, I suggest you read their reviews and then read our reviews).

But now back to the software. What exactly does it do?

Well, … Read More »

BMW Fuel Filters

5th April

Lately i’ve noticed a trend in the vehicles that have been coming in for service – dirty fuel filters. Now, when I say “dirty” I don’t mean a “Hmm, that fuel is slightly discolored” kind of dirty. I mean an “I can’t believe this car made it to the shop without breaking down” kind of dirty.

Check out this short video clip that we made here at German Auto Tech. As you can see, the fuel is coming out almost completely black. Had this been left unchecked, the owner could have damaged the car’s engine or ended up stranded on the side of the road.

Whether you drive a Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, or a car of another make, you will eventually have to change the filter. So what are the risks that come with dirty fuel filters?

The first and most immediate effect is … Read More »

8 Things To Check On Your Car

29th March

At German Auto Tech, we like to give out free information. This post is all about 8 of the simplest things you can check on your car, no matter what make or model you have. By checking these things you can avoid major problems down the road, and keep your car in optimum condition. Unless otherwise noted, it’s a good idea to check each of these things once per month.

Oil. Always be sure to check oil before starting your car in the morning – a hot engine can give you a false reading. Running your car with too little oil can cause it to overheat and wear down prematurely, and too much oil will create too much pressure in the engine compartment, leading to worn down gaskets and oil leaks.
Brake fluid. In most cars you will see a semi-transparent brake fluid … Read More »

VW Timing Belt

22nd March

One thing that VW owners frequently ask me about is their timing belt. Many conscientious car owners realize that it’s just as important to change your timing belt as it is to change your oil, with the only difference being that timing belts don’t need to be changed nearly as often.

So, how often should you change it, and what can you do to ensure that your VW timing belt doesn’t snap and leave you stranded? If you ask around, you’ll be told that you should change your VW timing belt anywhere from 50K to 100K miles, which is quite a variance to say the least.

Personally, I believe in early belt changes, (around 60K miles) and no, it’s not just because I’m a mechanic who can replace VW timing belts. I have two good reasons for saying this.

The first reason … Read More »

BMW Oil Change

15th March

Some years ago, BMW introduced extended interval oil changes to their cars. The BMW oil change interval is now 15,000 miles, which, in case you missed it, is 5 times longer than the 3,000 mile interval that seems to have been ingrained in everyones memory. It’s such a difference that BMW owners often ask me if they can really wait that long.

In my experience, BMW seems to have done a pretty good job on this one, but like everything else, there are a few caveats.

First, when it’s time for your BMW oil change, you should only use BMW recommended synthetic oils with approved oil filters. A lot of the technology that allows for extended oil change intervals is based on using more efficient synthetic oil. If you try to go the cheap route and use non-synthetic oil then you risk … Read More »

Smart Car

12th March

Although my father moved to America in 1970, he still travels back to Germany every few years. One thing that always stood out to him was Germany’s willingness to embrace much smaller cars, like the Smart Car. It actually isn’t that surprising when you think about it – smaller cars are more fuel efficient, and gas in Europe can cost anywhere from $6.00 to $8.00 per gallon depending on the price of oil.

Now it seems that America is stuck with $3.50+ gas, not as bad as Europe, but still pricey by our standards. The recent uptick in the price of gas means that I’ve been getting a lot more questions about the Smart Car.

So, what is the Smart Car, and should you consider getting one?

First, let’s go over who should NOT buy one: People looking for lots of space. That’s … Read More »

Mercedes Service B

23rd February

With many vehicles you can be left wondering if you should replace this or that, or if it’s been too long since X was checked. Sometimes you won’t even realize there is an issue until a you have been handed a major repair bill. Not so with Mercedes.

One of the small joys of owning a Mercedes vehicle is the intricate computer systems that are on board. These computers measure milage, hours on the engine, and other factors, to determine when professional servicing is necessary. As a Mercedes owner, one of the most common services you will need is a Mercedes Service B. 

At this point I want to tell you something important: If your car is telling you that it’s time for a Service B, then get it done; if your car isn’t saying to get a Service B, then don’t … Read More »

Rusted Beetle

25th January

This sign has been hanging outside of the shop for many years.  Probably as long as the shop has been here.

Working On An Audi

25th January

Pulling the engine, transmission and exhaust out of an Audi to replace a small bolt. A 20 hour job for an 1 1/2 inch bolt.  Audi Repair made easy!

Classic Mercedes

25th January

From time to time we get to work on Classic Mercedes.  Its a joy and pleasure to see these fine vehicles still on the road after near 40 years.  We have dubbed this one “Big Red.”  Classic Mercedes Repair by German Auto Tech.

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We Now Have Two Locations

Since 1970 our customers have come to appreciate our attention to quality work and they always love the fact that we have the best...

Audi Trivia

Time to lighten things up. Here’s a bit of history about Audi, as well as the significance of their four-ringed logo.

Audi is known for...

Best European Cars (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series I went over some of the best European cars for those of you with big budgets. Here in...