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Our History 


about german auto tech

German Auto Tech began over forty years ago when Dietmar Strieder immigrated to the United States from Germany to pursue the American dream. Dietmar had worked at the Volkswagen factory in Germany as a mechanic, and once he arrived in the States he moved to West Memphis, AR where he started his own Volkswagen repair shop.

As time went on, he realized that the area needed more than a VW repair shop, so he retooled his business to include servicing on all European made vehicles. After 38 years of providing quality work, Dietmar decided take a lesser role in the shop, and let the next generation of Strieder’s take over.

Dietmar’s son, Michael, had been working on cars since he was old enough to hold a wrench, and in 2008 Dietmar officially handed him the German Auto Tech torch.

Since then Michael has expanded the business by updating equipment and installing the latest diagnostic software in the computer systems. Along the way he has sponsored local 5K’s and other charitable events.

Cars and engines have gone through a lot of changes since Dietmar arrived in America in 1970, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the high level of quality work that you get at German Auto Tech; because just like the masterful engineering that German cars are known for, German Auto Tech is still known today for its high standards of excellence.

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